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Death due to AIDS has fallen because of improvements in treatment and care in America.

Who We Help

Hope in the End is in the industry of adult care and medical treatment, in which we first attack a need to help the women in the Charlotte community, whom which have become the new face representing HIV/AIDS in America. Our main objective is to help and empower infected women and showing them that there is “Hope in the End.”


Our next target consumer is HIV/AIDS infected men who wish to seek help and encouragement, on their many obstacles, whether it’s been drugs, blood transfusions or homosexuality, we wish to revitalize the morale and happiness these guests may have lost on their tough battles in life.


Our future projections push us to expand into the field of helping families dealing with members who are HIV positive, in efforts to help strengthen and prepare them for a more stable life together.


Hope in the End will include but not limited to referrals from case management agencies; area mental health, detox and other various treatment centers. Outside contributions are welcome in order to be self-supporting. 


Primary Goals:

Positively affect 30 or more women in our first year

Acquire and utilize a plethora of affiliates or connections in the community to help cater to the needs of our clients.

Establish our first transitional home offering clients the chance of transformation and hope in a motivating environment.

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