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Americans live on average 24 years after being diagnosed with HIV and the average keeps increasing. This is virus is no longer a death sentence.

About Hope In The End

We help and encourage HIV positive citizens with the opportunity of learning and living a better life, even with their difficult pasts. Located in the Charlotte area, we have seen the problems that arise for HIV positive citizens trying to find treatment, employment and assistance in these hard times. Our work is changing the status quo to benefit our community by improving the attitudes and self esteem of HIV victims.


The AIDS epidemic has had a unique impact on women, which has been exacerbated by their role within society and their biological vulnerability to HIV infection. Generally women are at a greater risk of heterosexual transmission of HIV. Biologically women are twice more likely to become infected with HIV through unprotected heterosexual intercourse than men. Due to these devastating facts we genuinely assist women battling HIV as well as the hardships in the world and we strive to show our guests the bright side of the tunnel and let them know there is “Hope in the End.” 

Our Staff

Janice Shirley, CEO & Founder

Paris Blakely, House Assistant

Tempestt Jackson, House Assistant 

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